Technology is also UrumaDelvi's playground

UrumaDelvi has developed a number of popular entertainment apps and games for PC-Mac/iOS/Web. Owing to the fact that his father was a techie, Uruma first came in contact with personal computers in 1977. From that time on, computers have been his electronic palette.  He writes programs to render UrumaDelvi creations in the best possible way.


​Software for PC/Macintosh (2009-)

Now anyone can create an animation in a mere ten minutes!  PICMO is an innovative software that makes that a reality.  UrumaDelvi together with Tokyo University Professor Takeo Igarashi collaborated in the development of PICMO.  Designed to realize a dream, they are now obtaining international patents for this new technology.  PICMO is currently being sold to rave reviews at the following site.  And it can be seen in action at the various animation workshops UrumaDelvi is now holding.

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Twin Obake 

App for iPad (2012-)

This hugely popular picture book of supernatural creatures is now also an iPad picture book!  iPad provides an enormous number of ways to enjoy Twin Obake – have the story read to you in a cute voice, watch characters move around the screen and find items with a click.  There is a Japanese version as well as an English version for English learners; apps for iPhone will also be available soon.

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BBB Rhythm Lessons DS

Nintendo DS Game by SEGA (2008)

This educational game helps to develop rhythm naturally while the user is having fun joining Bottom Biting Bug in beating on drums and ringing triangles.  SEGA produced Bottom Biting Bug's Rhythm Lessons under the direction of Kawai Music School, a leader in the music field.  As you can see in this example, the simple but unique UrumaDelvi characters are a perfect fit with computer games!


Social Game (2000-)

Back in 1999, when there was no such word as “social network,” UrumaDelvi developed the social game Interpot.  Users rent virtual land to plant seeds and grow trees.  After harvesting fruit from their trees, users exchange it for currency to decorate their gardens.  And because there are neighbors next door and beyond, users can visit each other and interact by swapping items.  This fun world has been expanding over Japan's Nifty service for 13 years now. It is indeed rare to find a service that started in the Internet’s early days and has continued for over a decade. And, thanks to various encounters, Interpot has even created wedded bliss!

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