Experience UrumaDelvi in the real world

In addition to watching UrumaDelvi on television and the Web, now you can directly experience our vibrant world at an increasing number of exhibitions!  UrumaDelvi exhibitions show off our full expertise developed through our animation, apps and games, giving users a rich, one-of-a-kind experience.  At the same time, we stay true to our basic craft of “simply drawing pictures.”

Wonder Disk

Media Art Exhibit (2009-2013)

In the 18th Century, an imaging toy called a “phenakistoscope” was developed in which a series of pictures were drawn on a disk with a slit spaced between each drawing.  Facing a mirror, the user would spin the disk while looking through the slits at the mirror.  This gave the sensation of animating the picture.  UrumaDelvi has rejuvenated this toy and presents it as digital art.

*The latest version of Wonder Disk was seen at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, June – August, 2013.

Japan Cuts

Film Festival , Japan Society, New York (2009)

“Japan Cuts” is an annual Japanese film festival held in New York City by the Japan Society.  An UrumaDelvi special festival screening was featured in 2009, drawing in crowds of New Yorkers.  UrumaDelvi also produced the festival trailer for that year, which was shown before every program as well as being broadcast as a TV commercial. (See the trailer to the left.)


Solo Exhibition of Paintings, hpgrp Gallery, New York (2009)

The district of Chelsea is famous as the setting for many of New York’s art galleries.  hpgrp Gallery was the staging ground for an UrumaDelvi solo exhibit entitled Twins.  Twins depicts two opposing images, be it people or things.  In addition to this solo exhibit, a special event was held at the Japanese bookstore, Kinokuniya.  And, together with the above mentioned Japan Cuts, we staged a promotional event called “UrumaDelvi Week, New York” that attracted  large crowds.

UrumaDelvi "a la mode"

Big Solo Exhibition, Shibuya Parco, Tokyo (2008)

Amid the wild popularity of Bottom Biting Bug, we responded to requests to see our other creations by holding a BIG solo exhibition.  As well as screening animations, there were also model displays of characters such as Shikato, TETE x METE and Capsule Samurai and opportunities to try out the Wonder Disk and animation design software PICMO.  About 2,000 visitors came to experience UrumaDelvi “a la mode” in the two-week exhibition.  A solo exhibit by the same name was later held in the city of Nagoya.

Deko-Boko Motors

Floor Plan for Kids' attraction, Yokohama (2008)

Designed by Sega, Deko-Boko Motors is an attraction that lets kids assemble one-of-a-kind cars.  After children creatively attach blocks to the platform of an electric cart, they are ready to hit the road!  UrumaDelvi contributed to the fun by designing the event area - they created a themed car assembly workshop and motorway as well as contriving gadgets and ceiling attachments that move as cars drive by them.  After its opening at Tressa Yokohama, Deko Boko Motors then cruised down for a show in Nagoya.

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